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Dr Rob Silversmith

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Rob Silversmith

Warwick Zeeman Lecturer

Office: B1.17
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 4425


Teaching Responsibilities 2021/22: MA241 Combinatorics (Autumn)

Research Interests: Algebraic geometry, moduli spaces of curves, tropical geometry, combinatorics, commutative algebra

Personal Homepage

Most relevant recent publications:

  • "Cross-ratio degrees and perfect matchings," arXiv:2107.04572

  • With R. Ramadas: "Quadratic rational maps with a 5-periodic critical point," arXiv:2008.10095

  • With R. Ramadas: "Two-dimensional cycle classes on M_{0,n}-bar," submitted. arXiv:2004.05491

  • "Matroids and the Hilbert scheme of points in P^1," Manuscripta mathematica, 2021, arXiv:1911.03569

  • With I. Barros, L. Flapan, A. Marian: "On product identities and the Chow rings of holomorphic symplectic varieties," submitted. arXiv:1912.13419

  • "Gromov-Witten invariants of Symd(Pr)," submitted. arXiv:1611.05941