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Young Researchers in Mathematics 2014

Plenary Speakers

Ian Stewart

Jeremy Gray

Professor Ian Stewart FRS

Professor Jeremy Gray
(Open University and Warwick)
Slides from the talk

Tracks and Keynote Speakers

Algebra Algebraic Geometry Analysis and PDE
Colva Roney-Dougal Tom Coates
John Ball
Professor Colva Roney-Dougal
(St Andrews)
Dr Tom Coates
Professor John Ball FRS FRSE
Combinatorics Differential Geometry Dynamical Systems
David Conlon Professor Peter Topping
Prof Gwyneth Stallard
Dr David Conlon

Prof Gwyneth Stallard
(Open University)


Financial Maths and
Stochastic Analysis

Fluid Mechanics Maths and Physics
 Saul Jacka John Gibbon MacKay

Professor Saul Jacka
Slides from the talk

Professor John Gibbon
Slides from the talk
Professor Robert MacKay
FRS FInstP FIMA (Warwick)
Slides from the talk
Maths and Biology
Number Theory Probability

Rebecca Hoyle

Roger Heath-Brown Hugo Duminil-Copin 
Professor Rebecca Hoyle

Slides from the talk

Professor Roger Heath-Brown

Professor Hugo Duminil-Copin

Set Theory and Logic Topology
Tom Forster Saul Schleimer
Dr Thomas Forster
Dr Saul Schleimer