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MASDOC Summer School: Topics in renormalisation group theory and regularity structures

11 - 15 May 2015

Organiser: Stefan Adams

The recently developed theory of regularity structures by Martin Hairer has many relevant connections to the theory of the renormalisation group (RG) and stochastic PDE's. The renormalisation group goes back to Wilson (Nobel prize 1982) and is a dominant calculational and conceptual tool of theoretical physics and probability. RG is a map that replaces a model by a simpler model having the same macroscopic predictions. By iteration to a fixed point one obtains a simple model having the macroscopic predictions of a whole class of more detailed models. The aim of the school is to give an elementary introduction to both RG and regularity structures, as well to their connection. The lecturer series will be complemented by exercise/discussion hours in the afternoons. This will allow students to deepen their understanding and to raise questions. The second main objective is to highlight open problems in both fields and their connection to enable the student to gain insight in a currently important and active field in probability, applied probability, analysis, and mathematical physics.

Lecturers: David Brydges and Antii Kupianinen are internationally very well-known experts in RG and related subjects since the 1980s. David Brydges has developed a mathematical approach to RG which is specially designed for students with interest in proability (and related subjects as mathematical physics). Antii Kupiainen has done pioneer work on 'block-spin' - calculations and studies PDE's using techniques from RG. Martin Hairer (Fields Medal 2014) has developed the powerful theory of regularity structures. Gordon Slade is famous for his fundamental contributions to the self-avoiding random walk and corresponding RG techniques.

Lecture Series:

David Brydges/Gordon Slade (UBC Vancouver) - An introduction to the Renormalisation group for probabilists

Martin Hairer (Warwick) - Regularity Structures

Antii Kupiainen (Helsinki) - Renormalization Group and Stochastics PDE's

Gordon Slade (UBC Vancouver) - Recent applications of the renormalisation group to critical phenomena

Programme (pdf)

Students: We cordially invite PhD students to participate.

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