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2014-2015 Warwick EPSRC Symposium: Derived Categories and Birational Geometry

1-6 June 2015
(Room: MS.02)

Organisers: Alexander Kuznetsov, Timothy Logvinenko

A week long conference on derived category interpretations and generalisations of traditional notions and techniques of birational geometry.

In the last decade such progress was made in several central areas of modern birational geometry: Minimal Model Program, resolutions of singularities and birational invariants of varieties. In the first case, we have the Kawamata’s description of the derived categories of toric stacks In the second, there's Van den Berg and Iyama-Wemyss’ constructions of noncommutative resolutions of singularities and Kuznetsov–Lunts’ construction of a categorical resolution of irrational singularities. The third case is close to the concept of the categorical interpretation of intermediate Jacobians via Griffith component of the derived category and noncommutative motives.

The goal of the conference is to bring together specialists in birational geometry and derived categories to develop and capitalise on these ideas. We also expect to find categorical interpretation of other birational constructions such as birational cobordisms, Sarkisov links, positive characteristic aspects, various versions of MMP such as log MMP and MMP with scaling etc.

Targeted speakers: Valery Alexeev (Georgia), Alexei Bondal (Steklov), Marcello Bernardara (Toulouse), Caucher Birkar (Cambridge), Tom Bridgeland (Sheffield), Paolo Cascini (Imperial), Alexander Efimov (Steklov), Christopher Hacon (Utah), Daniel Huybrechts (Bonn), Ludmil Katzarkov (Vienna), Yujiro Kawamata (Tokyo), Sándor Kovács (Washington), Valery Lunts (Indiana), Mircea Mustaţă (UMichigan), Dmitri Orlov (Steklov), Yukinobu Toda (IPMU), Michel Van den Bergh (Hasselt), Michael Wemyss (Edinburgh), Jaroslaw Włodarczyk (Purdue)

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