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Symposium seminars

Magee2017-18 Warwick seminars in low-dimensional geometry, topology and dynamical systems


Room and time
26 Oct 2017 Richard Webb (Cambridge) Searching for CAT(0) complexes, and where not to look MS 03 3pm
2 Nov 2017 Irene Pasquinelli Deligne-Mostow lattices and cone metrics on the sphere B3.02 2pm
9 Nov 2017 Michael Magee (Durham) Word measures on unitary groups MS 03 3pm
10 Nov 2017 Bertrand Remy (Paris) On some non-linear (and simple) groups acting on exotic buildings B3.03 4pm
16 Nov 2017 Christoforos Neofytidis (Geneva) Anosov tori in three-manifolds MS 03 3pm
23 Nov 2017 Ian Leary (Southampton) Subgroups of Almost Finitely Presented Groups B3.02 2pm
23 Nov 2017 Selim Ghazouani (Warwick) The complex hyperbolic geometry of certain moduli spaces of tori MS 03 3pm
30 Nov 2017 Kate Vokes (Warwick) Geometry of the separating curve graph MS 03 3pm
7 Dec 2017 Ric Wade (Oxford) Relative automorphisms of right-angled Artin groups MS 03 3pm
18 Jan 2018 Chris Leininger (UIUC) Strict domination and hyperbolic manifolds MS 03 3pm
1 Feb 2018 Viveka Erlandsson (Bristol) Measures on geodesic currents and counting curves on surfaces MS 03 3pm
8 Feb 2018 Michael Shapiro (Bath)  The Heisenberg group has rational growth in all generating sets MS 03 3pm
21 Feb 2018 Bert Wiest (Rennes) An analog of the curve complex for Garside groups MS 03 4pm
1 Mar 2018 Marko Berghoff (Humboldt) Feynman amplitudes and moduli spaces of graphs MS 03 3pm
1 Mar 2018 Mark Hagen (Bristol) Hyperplane-essential actions and taco moves MS 03 4pm
8 Mar 2018 Rodolfo Gutierrez (Jussieu) Introduction to Rauzy-Veech groups of flat surfaces MS 03 3pm
14-15 Mar 2018 Yair Minsky (Yale) The Geometry and Topology of Teichm├╝ller Space

2-4 pm Wed

3-5 pm Thurs MS.03

16 Mar 2018 Hugo Parlier (Luxembourg) The asymptotic geometries of puzzles and moduli spaces B 3.02 4pm (Colloquium)
26 Apr 2018 Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace (Louvain) Almost simplicity of commensurators of free and surface groups MS 04 3pm
3 May 2018 Jim Howie (Edinburgh) 2-complexes with the non-positive immersion property MS 04 3pm
10 May 2018 Ruth Charney (Brandeis) Quasi-mobius maps of Morse boundaries MS 04 3pm
17 May 2018 Luis Paris (Dijon) Commensurability in Artin groups MS 04 3pm
1 June 2017 Michael Magee (Durham) Integrals over unitary groups, maps on surfaces, and Euler characteristics B3.03 1:15-2:15 pm
1 June 2017 Karen Vogtmann (Warwick) Sphere complexes at the borders of Outer space B3.03 2:45-3:45 pm
1 June 2017 Gareth Wilkes (Oxford) A pro-p curve complex and residual properties of the mapping class group B3.03 5:30-6:30 pm
11 June 2018 Jeff Weeks The Shape of Space (Public Lecture) (Poster)
MS 02 6:15pm