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MiR@W Day: Large-Scale Production Networks

global network

27th January 2020

Organisers: Bazil Sansom (Economics/Maths), Robert MacKay



Production networks are inherently complex, and decades of globalisation and the rise of “global value chains” (GVCs) through which multiple stages of production are organised across multiple countries, have transformed production structures (about 60% of global trade is in intermediate goods and services). The flow of goods and services, payments, trans-national credit, trade-credit relationships, foreign direct investment, ownership and control, and other key links knit together the economic activity of firms, sectors and national economies around the world in large-scale and complex networks that make it difficult to ignore the role of intermediate-production in economic dynamics and outcomes; or to conceive of national industries as self-contained systems. Understanding these systems is a key research frontier. Meanwhile rising trade conflicts and backlash against globalisation, raise important questions about how this highly connected system may respond to disruption or dismantling.

This interdisciplinary workshop brings together researchers working on large-scale production networks and how the network character and structure of production processes may influence dynamical phenomena and outcomes both for individual units, and for the system as a whole. The workshop aims to make new links and stimulate productive exchange between different disciplines and research groups working at the cutting edge of this emerging area of inquiry. This event is open to anyone interested to participate.


Confirmed speakers

  • Rita Cappariello (Bank of Italy)
  • Guven Demirel (Queen Mary, School of Business and Management)
  • Ivana Ruffini (Financial Network Analytics (FNA))
  • Mark Johnson (Warwick Business School)
  • Jose Moran (École Polytechnique)
  • Anton Pichler (University of Oxford)
  • Bazil Sansom (University of Warwick)


  • 12:15 Buffet lunch (Maths common room)
  • 13:05 Talks begin (B3.02)
  • 30 minute coffee break and networking
  • 17:30 Talks end
  • Drinks+nibbles
  • Dinner for invited speakers


B3.02, Mathematics Institute, Zeeman Building
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK

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