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The GATEWAY seminar is an informal seminar for junior researchers in Geometry and Topology at Warwick. The aim is to provide an accessible setting where postgraduate students and postdocs can talk about their research or any topic that they have been learning about recently. In other words, any topic that interests you and that you think might interest other G&T postgrads as well can be discussed here.

That said, students and postdocs from other areas are encouraged to participate too! If you are a third or fourth year student interested in geometry you are welcome as well!

The talks usually take place Mondays 2pm-3pm.

If you would like to give a talk or suggest a speaker, please contact Marco Barberis or Esmee te Winkel. We have a limited budget to cover expenses for external speakers.

Term 1

1 October 2018 B1.01 Marco Barberis (University of Warwick)

Introduction to Curve Complexes

8 October 2018 MS.04 Benedict Sewell (University of Warwick)

The mystery of triviality of the prehomogeneous fibre bundle

15 October 2018 MS.04 Stephen Cantrell (University of Warwick)

Comparison theorems for actions on CAT(-1) spaces

22 October 2018 MS.04 Joseph MacColl (LSGNT)

Ordering free groups and the Hanna Neumann Conjecture

29 October 2018 MS.04 Michal Buran (University of Cambridge)

Alternating quotients of RAAGs, RACGs and surface groups

5 November 2018 MS.04 Simon Baker (University of Warwick)

An introduction to Fractal Geometry

12 November 2018 MS.04 Luca Pol (University of Sheffield)

What are spectra?

19 November 2018 MS.04 Divya Sharma (University of Münster)

The two descriptions of tangent space(s) to Teichmüller space

26 November 2018 MS.04 Annette Karrer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) The contracting boundary of a CAT(0) group
3 December 2018 MS.04 Ronja Kuhne (University of Warwick) Polynomial-time efficient position

Term 2

14 January 2019 4pm MS.05 Paul Colognese (University of Warwick) Volume growth on translation surfaces
21 January 2019 2pm MS.05 Matteo Barucco (University of Warwick) Homological instability
28 January 2019 4pm MS.05 Carlo Collari (Alfréd Renyi Institute Budapest) Bracket polynomial: applications and generalisations
4 February 2019 11am MS.05 Francesca Iezzi (University of Edinburgh) Graphs of curves, arcs, and spheres, and connections between them
11 February 2019 4pm MS.05 Elia Fioravanti (University of Oxford) Cross ratios on cube complexes and length-spectrum rigidity
25 February 2019 11am B3.03 Marco Linton (University of Warwick) Dehn Filling in Relatively Hyperbolic Groups
4 March 2019 4pm MS.05 Jone Lopez de Gamiz (University of Warwick) Coherence of right-angled Artin groups
11 March 2019 4pm MS.05 Fiona Torzewska (University of Leeds) A Homotopy type Topological Quantum Field Theory

Term 3

29 April 2019 2pm MS.05 Joe Scull (University of Oxford) A Beginner's guide to 3-manifolds and the Poincaré Conjecture
6 May 2019 (Bank Holiday)     No talk  
13 May 2019 2pm MS.05 Marta Maggioni (Universiteit Leiden) Natural extensions for continued fractions
20 May 2019 2pm MS.05 Jordan Williamson (University of Sheffield) Constructing Algebraic Models for Equivariant Cohomology
Wednesday 29 May 2019 11am MS.05 Anna Parlak (University of Warwick) Fibrations of a 3-manifold carried by the same veering triangulation
3 June 2019 2pm MS.05 Marco Moraschini (University of Regensburg) Simplicial volume and amenable covers
10 June 2019 2pm MS.05 Lawk Mineh (University of Warwick) Boundaries of Relatively Hyperbolic Groups
17 June 2019 2pm MS.05 Selim Ghazouani (University of Warwick) On the preciousness of linear representations
24 June 2019 2pm MS.05 MurphyKate Montee (University of Chicago) Random Groups and Cube Complexes