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The DAGGER seminar is an informal seminar for early researchers in Dynamics, Geometry and Topology at Warwick. The aim is to provide an accessible setting where postgraduate students and postdocs can talk about their research or any topic that they have been learning about recently. In other words, any topic that interests you and that might interest other postgrads can be discussed here.

That said, students and postdocs from other areas are encouraged to participate too! Also, if you are a third or fourth year student interested in these areas you are welcome to join!

The talks will take place Mondays 2pm-3pm, (usually) in B3.02.

If you would like to give a talk or suggest a speaker, please contact AndreasLink opens in a new window, DarraghLink opens in a new window, David, Link opens in a new windowor WillLink opens in a new window.

Term 1

Date Room Speaker Title
3rd Oct 2022



12pm - Introductory Session

2pm - Aleksi Pyörälä (University of Oulu)


Normal numbers in self-conformal sets

10th Oct 2022 B3.02 Marco Linton (University of Oxford) Poison subgroups for hyperbolic groups
17th Oct 2022 B3.02 Alexander Baumgartner (University of Warwick) Coding flows on homogenous spaces
24th Oct 2022 B3.01 Marley Young (University of Cambridge) Effective bounds on S-integral preperiodic points for polynomials

31st Oct 2022


Samuel Kittle (University of Cambridge)
Absolutely continuous self-similar measures with exponential separation
7th Nov 2022 B3.02 Matteo Tabaro (Imperial College London) Existence conditions of ACIPs for real multimodal maps
14th Nov 2022 B3.02
Ainoa Murillo (University of Barcelona)
Periodic perturbation of a 3D conservative flow with a heteroclinic connection to saddle-foci.
21st Nov 2022 B3.02 Dimitrios Charamaras (EPFL) Joint ergodicity of additive and multiplicative measure-preserving systems
28th Nov 2022 B3.02 David Martí-Pete (University of Liverpool)

Wandering domains in transcendental dynamics: topology and dynamics

5th Dec 2022



1pm Ignacio Del Amo Blanco (University of Exeter)

2pm Vasiliki Evdoridou (University of Liverpool)

Transition times of a particle driven by Lévy noise in a double well potential

Simply connected wandering domains

Term 2

Date Room Speaker Title
9th Jan 2023 B3.02

Lawk Mineh (University of Southampton)

Combining quasiconvex subgroups in hyperbolic groups
16th Jan 2023 B3.02 Andrew Mitchell (University of Birmingham) A new class of measures satisfying the multifractal formalism
23rd Jan 2023


Damian Dabrowski (University of Jyväskylä) Vitushkin’s conjecture and sets with plenty of big projection
30th Jan 2023 B3.02 Borys Kuca (University of Crete) Multiple ergodic averages along polynomials and joint ergodicity
6th Feb 2023 B3.02 Fanni Sélley Real and complex continued fractions
13th Feb 2023 B3.02 Lauritz Streck (University of Cambridge) Conditions for absolute continuity and Fourier decay of Bernoulli convolutions
20th Feb 2023 B3.02 James Everitt (University of Warwick) Counting periodic orbits under homological restraints
27th Feb 2023 N/A No seminar N/A
6th Mar 2023 MS.04 Nikolai Edeko (University of Zürich) Betti numbers and eigenvalues of dynamical systems on compact manifolds
13th Mar 2023 B3.02 Sakshi Jain (University of Rome "Tor Vergata")

Discontinuities cause essential spectrum

Term 3

Date Room Speaker Title
24th April 2023 B3.02  No seminar N/A
1st May 2023 B3.02 Bank holiday N/A
8th May 2023 B3.02 Chris Bruce (University of Glasgow) From algebraic actions to C*-algebras and back again
15th May 2023 B3.03 Slade Sanderson (Utrecht University) Frequencies of digits of symmetric golden maps via matching
22nd May 2023



Jérôme Carrand (Sorbonne University)

Joris De Moor (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität)

Existence of equilibrium states and MME for Sinai billiard flows

Footprint of a topological phase transition on the density of states

29th May 2023 B3.02 Bank holiday  N/A
5th June 2023 B3.02 Dániel Prokaj (Budapest University of Technology & Economics) Fractal dimensions of continuous piecewise linear iterated function systems on the line
12th June 2023 B3.02  No seminar N/A
19th June 2023 B3.02 Gaétan Leclerc (Paris Rive Gauche) On oscillatory integrals with Hölder phase
26th June 2023 B3.02 Frank Trujillo (Universität Zürich) Hausdorff Dimension of the Invariant Measures of Circle Homeomorphisms