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Mathematics in Industry: a Countdown

MIRaW day

Monday 8th March


Mathematics in Industry: Countdown to the Warwick Study Group

Organiser: Dave Wood

(pdf of programme)

All talks will be in Room B3.02, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick
  • 2:00 David Wood (Warwick) Opening remarks: Mathematics in Industry and the Study Groups
    A quick overview of mathematics in industry and the Study Group phenomena both in the UK and worldwide.
  • 2:15 David Allwright (Oxford and Smith Institute) The UK Study Groups: Wind, Water and Queues
    An overview of three problems tackled by UK Study Groups: ‘Multivariate time series in wind power modelling’, ‘Composite materials for
    underwater acoustics’ and ‘Queuing systems in telecommunications’.
  • 3:00 Poul Hjorth (DTU) Study Groups in Denmark: A Tale of Two Cities
    The Danes have been running annual Study Groups now for 10 years or so, and due to local expertise tend to have some quite different
    problems and approaches (including some more geometrical problems).
  • 3:45 Tea (Mathematics Institute Common Room)
  • 4:15 Colin Please (Southampton) Autopsy of an Industrial Study Group Problem
    A stalwart of the Mathematics in Industry establishment will attempt to condense the analysis and solution of a real industrial
    probem from a week long process to just an hour. Audience participation will be encouraged.
  • 5:15 Drinks & snacks (Mathematics Institute Common Room)