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MA3B8 Content

Content: The course focuses on the properties of differentiable functions on the complex plane. Unlike real analysis, complex differentiable functions have a large number of amazing properties, and are very ``rigid'' objects. Some of these properties have been explored already in Vector Analysis. Our goal will be to push the theory further, hopefully revealing a very beautiful classical subject.

We will start with a review of elementary complex analysis topics from vector analysis. This includes complex differentiability, the Cauchy-Riemann equations, Cauchy's theorem, Taylor's and Liouville's theorem, Laurent expansions. Most of the course will be new topics: Winding numbers, the generalized version of Cauchy's theorem, Morera's theorem, the fundamental theorem of algebra, the identity theorem, classification of singularities, the Riemann sphere and Weierstrass-Casorati theorem, meromorphic functions, Rouche's theorem, integration by residues.


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