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About Mahara

Mahara logo is a fully featured web application which enables users to build an electronic portfolio. At Warwick Mahara is also known as "My Portfolio"

Users perspective

What makes Mahara different from other ePortfolio systems is that you control which items and what information (Artefacts) within your portfolio other users see.

In order to facilitate this access control, all Artefacts you wish to show to other users need to be bundled up and placed into one area. Within Mahara this compilation of selected Artefacts is called a View.

You can have as many Views as you like, each with a different collection of Artefacts, and intended purpose and audience. Your audience, or the people you wish to give access to your View, can be added as individuals or as a member of a Group or Community.

ePortfolio owners create Views using a 4 step process and Views have the following features:

  • ePortfolio owners can receive public or private feedback on their View and Artefacts within that View.
  • Users accessing a View can report any objectionable material directly to the Site Administrator.
  • Users can add Views and Artefacts within a View to their Watchlist and receive automated notifications of any changes or updates.
  • ePortfolio owners can Submit a View for Assessment by a tutor or teacher allowing for a snapshot of the View and associated Artefacts on a certain date.

Join a community of users


At Warwick Mahara community meet as part of the Extended Classroom User Group. More broadly MUM: Mahara Users Midlands was founded in 2016 and has met in Coventry (University of Warwick) and Birmingham.