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This page gathers a list of PLATO meetings with PSM involvement. Major consortium meetings have dedicated sub-pages (see menu bar above). For further information, please see the Events page.

For a complete list of PLATO-related meetings, please see the main consortium website.

Upcoming Meetings

PLATO Week 14: Prague, Czechia (27th-30th March 2023)

Past Meetings

PLATO Progress Meeting #4

PLATO Week 1: Leuven, Netherlands (18th-20th July 2016)

PLATO Week 2: Rome, Italy (8th-10th November 2016)

WP36/WP11 phase B2 kickoff (1st-2nd February 2017)

PLATO Week 3: Goettingen, Germany (13th-15th March 2017)

PLATO Week 4: Stockholm, Sweden (19th-22nd June 2017)

PLATO Mission Conference 2017: Warwick, UK (5th-7th September 2017)

10th DPA-WG Meeting: Paris, France (11th-12th October 2017)

PLATO Week 5: Porto, Portugal (24th-26th October 2017)

1st SOC/MOC-PMC Interface Meeting: Goettingen, Germany (22nd November 2017)

Science Ground Segment Kick-Off Meeting: Madrid, Spain (12th March 2018)

11th DPA-WG Meeting: Madrid, Spain (13th March 2018) - NOTE: this is taking place as a splinter session within PLATO Week 6

PLATO Week 6: Madrid, Spain (13th-15th March 2018)

PLATO STESCI Workshop II: Messina, Italy (22nd-24th May 2018)

12th DPA-WG Meeting: Paris, France (19th-20th September 2018)

PLATO ESP2018: Marseille, France (24th-26th October 2018)

PLATO Theory Workshop: Cambridge, UK (3rd-5th December 2018)

PLATO Week 7: Cambridge, UK ( 5th-7th December 2018)

WP122 Limb Darkening workshop: IAA, Granada, Spain (26th-27th February 2019)

PCOT Kick-off meeting: DLR, Berlin, Germany (6th-7th March 2019)

5th PLATO France Workshop: Bordeaux, France (26th-27th March 2019)

EAS M1: IoA, Cambridge, UK (18th-20th March 2019) [Restricted access]

PLATO Week 8: Graz, Austria (15th-18th April 2019)

PLATO ESP2019: Warwick, UK (2nd-4th September 2019; additional day on 5th September for PMC only)

PIC Workshop I: Padova, Italy (24th-26th September 2019)

PLATO Week 9: Marseille, France (9th-11th October 2019)

PLATO STESCI Workshop III: Barcelona, Spain (19th-22nd November 2019)

WP11/WP12 Interface Meeting #3: Paris, France (12-13th February) [Invitation only]

WP12/WP13 Interface Meeting #1: Online (20th May 2020) [Invitation only]

PLATO Week 10: Online Meeting (27th-28th May 2020)


PLATO SAS HOW#2 (12th-15th April 2021)

PLATO Week 11: Online (13th-16th April 2021)

WP11/WP12 Interfaces Meeting: Online (TBD)

PLATO Week 12: ()

PLATO Week 13: ()