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PLATO Week 6

PLATO Week 6 took place from the 13th- to the 15th of March 2018. It was held at the headquarters of CSIC in Madrid, Spain. More information about the meeting can be found on the meeting's website.

PLATO Week 6 group picture

Sessions relevant to the PSM were:

  • A joint plenary session with the PDC, at which the PSM and PDC Offices presented the current status of the PMC ground segment, and the PSM Office presented the latest version of the PSM-PDC communications policy
  • A splinter on the exoplanet pipeline, at which the current status of WP11 was presented
  • The 11th meeting of the DPA-WG, at which the PSM Office presented initial results from the scientific evaluation of the onboard data processing algorithms
  • A splinter presenting the PLATO Calibrations and Operations Team (PCOT)
  • A WP12 splinter, covering topics currently under consideration by the stellar science area
  • A splinter on the Product Definition Documents (PDDs), into which the PSM will have some input
  • A splinter on metrics for requirements, specifically aimed at requriements on the onboard processing and related to the ongoing scientific evaluation

An ESA / PMC progress meeting was held the day after PW6.

A full set of documents from PLATO Week 6 can be downloaded from the PLATO Sharepoint (sign-in required).