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PLATO Week 3

PLATO Week 3 took place between the 13th and 15th of March 2017. It was held at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Goettingen, Germany.

PLATO Week 3 group photo

The PSM-Coordinator, Don Pollaco, presented a brief summary of PSM activity during the PMC plenary session. In addition, there were several sessions relevant to the PSM:

  • A joint plenary session with the PDC, at which the PSM Office presented:
    1. the first draft of an official communications policy for interactions between PSM and PDC
    2. PSM suggestions and comments on the format of L1 lightcurves produced by the data processing systems
  • A splinter session on Candidate Ranking and Follow-Up.
  • A splinter session on Performance related matters.
  • A splinter session about scientific data organisation in the PDC database.
  • A splinter session discussing Data Analysis Support Tools.
  • A splinter session about data processing and observing strategy.
  • A splinter session on PMC System-wide Tools, discussing tools for action item tracking, document preparation, etc.

Further details of the meeting can be found at the meeting's website.

Minutes from the PSM-relevant sessions will be uploaded to the meeting resources page. Slides present at the meeting are also available.

A full set of documents from PLATO Week 3 can be downloaded from the PLATO Sharepoint (sign-in required).