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D.1c Continuous Wavelet Transform time-series analysis and filtering tool

1d & 2d continuous wavelet transform (CWT) to find time-dependent oscillatory signals, and to detect features of given scale in images. The 1d CWT comes with the Morlet wavlet to detect quasi-oscillatory signals. Statistically relevant scale-time tracks are extracted automatically. A visualization function is provided. The 2d CWT has several mother wavelets available. The Mexican-Hat wavelet allows for the detection of edges and blobs at given scales, filtering and the building of scale-space representations. Documentation, in the form of a PDF, for the wavelet tool is ready. The wavelet module has been uploaded to the website and is ready for testing.

  • Tool name:
  • Developers: Erwin Verwichte (Warwick)
  • Basic description: 1d & 2d continuous wavelet transform module
  • Language: Python 2.x
  • Resource needed to use: desktop computer
  • Host location: immediately available on host website
  • Current status: completed and in active use, testing under way (e.g. different OS)
  • 6-month plan to availability: ready & available
  • Status of documentation: documentation available
  • Test status: testing under way but has actively been used on solar data: EIT, TRACE, SDO, Hinode, IRIS, SST
  • How to reference tool in publication: Relevant publications to cite listed in documentation
  • Download from github