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D.1c Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion tool

a) Nonlinear isotropic and anisotropic diffusion is ideal for gradient-preserving noise filtering of images. The tool contains linear, nonlinear isotropic and nonlinear anisotropic diffusion coefficients based on the local gradient of the image. It numerically solves the diffusion equation for given diffusion for a given number of time-steps. The tool is complete but documentation still needs to be completed.

  • Tool name:
  • Developers: Erwin Verwichte (Warwick)
  • Basic description: Nonlinear and anisotropic diffusion tool
  • Language: Python 2.x
  • Resource needed to use: desktop computer
  • Host location: available once testing finalised and documentation written
  • Current status: completed, testing under way (e.g. different OS)
  • 6-month plan to availability: module completed, but still some testing needed ¥ Status of documentation: TBD.
  • Test status: testing under way but has actively been used on solar data: TRACE, SDO, IRIS
  • How to reference tool in publication: Relevant publications to cite will be listed in documentation