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Programme of the open workshop on MHD seismology of the solar corona

ISSI-Beijing, 17 December 2015

The open workshop will be held in the National Space Science Center in the Earth Hall which is on 4th floor, Building A.

Chair: Prof. Dipankar Banerjee
09:00-09:20 Prof. Valery Nakariakov. Opening
09:20–09:40 Prof. Jiangtao Su. Interference of the running waves at light bridges of a sunspot
09:40-10:00 Dr Jing Huang. Quasi-periodic pulsations with varying period in multi-wavelength observations of an X-class flare
10:00-10:20 Dr. Yuzhong Zhang. Coexisting fast and slow propagating waves of the extreme-UV intensity in solar coronal plasma structures
10:20-10:40 Dr. Hui Tian. Global oscillations of flare loops observed with IRIS
10:40-11:00 Dr. Guiping Ruan. Anti-phase transverse loop oscillation generated by X2.1 Flare
11:00-11:20 Dr. Ivan Zimovets. Wave-like Formation of Hot Loop Arcades
11:20-11:40 Dr. Jiansen He. Kinetic Simulation of Slow Magnetosonic Waves and Quasi-periodic Upows in the Solar Corona
11:40-12:40 Lunch
Chair: Prof. Peng-Fei Chen
12:40-13:00 Dr. Patrick Antolin. Combining IRIS/Hinode observations and modelling: a pathfinder for coronal heating
13:00-13:20 Dr. Tom Van Doorsselaere. Flare-generated waves in the solar corona
13:20-13:40 Prof. Dipankar Banerjee. Propagating Disturbances in the Corona and Spicular Connection
13:40-14:00 Prof. Paul S. Cally. Multiple scattering form thin flux tubes
14:00-14:30 Coffee brake
Chair: Prof. Paul S. Cally
14:30-14:50 Prof. Bo Li. Standing sausage modes in transversally nonuniform flare loops and their seismological applications
14:50-15:10 Prof. Peng-Fei Chen. Stationary EUV Waves: A Story over 15 Years
15:10-15:30 Dr. Zongjun Ning. Observations of bi-directional outflows
15:30-15:50 Dr. Yuandeng Shen. SDO observations of EUV waves and large-amplitude prominence oscillations
15:50-16:20 Coffee brake
Chair: Prof. Bo Li
16:20-16:40 Dr. Takaaki Yokoyama. Wave generation by magnetic reconnection event
16:40-17:00 Dr. Sergey Anfinogentov. Probing the sunspot atmosphere with 3 minutes oscillations
17:00-17:20 Christopher Goddard. Observation of periodic radio bursts associated with EUV enchancements
17:20-17:40 Takafumi Kaneko. Apparent cross-field superslow propagation in coronal magnetic structures