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Undergraduate Teaching

This page is for undergraduate students unfortunate enough to have me as either a course tutorial demonstrator or a laboratory demonstrator.

If you require any help with your work (I will NOT give you answers!) feel free to get in touch via my email on the front page of my bit of the website.

First year maths students should complete an online assessment each week in adition to the written work, the web portal for this can be found at:

Good luck!




"At this point we notice that this equation is beautifully simplified if we assume that space-time has 92 dimensions"

Taken from here

"Electrons all jumbled like rice?"

Quoth Einstein, "That's too high a price"

In Reply, answered God

"Well I don't find it odd.

So shut-up and let me play dice"


Bruce Baskir

Copyright 1997, The American Physical Society

Physics Limericks Competition