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Omstavan Samant

Position: 3rd Year PhD Student

Supervisors: Prof. Richard Dendy and Prof. Sandra Chapman

Project Title: Interpretation of Ion Cyclotron Emission(ICE) from Large Fusion Plasmas

Funding: Chancellor's International ScholarshipLink opens in a new window

The confinement of fusion born ions is essential to sustaining the high temperatures of the fusion plasmas. Understanding the Physics of these ions is therefore crucial for tokamaks like ITER. Ion Cyclotron Emission(ICE) can form an excellent diagnostic for these fusion born ions. ICE is electromagnetic radiation distinctively generated by fusion born ion populations in magnetically confined plasmas. Further, ICE is intense, passive, non-invasive and is compatible with the high radiation environment in fusion devices. ICE has been observed in a wide range of poloidal locations. Over the past few decades, ICE has been observed in several tokamaks including JET, ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D, JT-60U and LHD. Experimental results from ASDEX Upgrade and DIII-D have indicated the potential that ICE holds as a diagnostic for fast ions.

My research involves simulation of ICE using the EPOCH kinetic code, analytical theory and data analysis to evaluate the relations between the simulation results and data from experiments like W7-X, DIII-D, JET and LAPD.



Office: PS117