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Abstract Physics

My idea of making this web-link is to show how art and science co-exist under one medium.

Here are some of my space-themed paintings that use multi-fluid interaction to show how the combination of forces of nature looks like :

Two-fluid Nebula

To develop the paintings I use two or more colours of different density, i.e one colour will be mixed more with water than the other. These liquids are poured on a canvas or a wooden panel. Then the wooden panels are moved, rotated or heated to spread the paint along the panel. Because the fluid used are of different density, they interact with each other creating pattern that highlight instability (such as instability observed in cloud formation). When the paint dries this instability creates a pattern.

In the Universe, the fluids are replaces by atoms of different properties and when they interact they don't create solid, well-defined patterns but they create random patterns.

What is a nebula?

Birth of stars and planets?


What happens when fluids that reflect different light interact?