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Juie Shetye

Name: Juie Shetye

Supervisor: Prof Tony Arber

PhD thesis: High-resolution observations of the solar atmosphere

Thesis supervisor: Prof Gerry Doyle

Research Interests : My main research interest deal with connecting lower solar atmospheric layers to corona.

1.) Spicules - Formation and role in the chromospheric-coronal mass cycle - Theory and observations

2.) Chromospheric swirls - Relation to MHD waves and oscillations - Theory and observations

3.) MHD waves and oscillations in other atmospheric phenomena

Selected Publications :

  • Shetye, J.; Reid A.; Doyle, J.G.; Mathioudakis M.; Scullion, E.; Quiet-Sun Ellerman bomb, MNRAS, 2018
  • Doyle, J. G.; Shetye, J.; Antonova, A.E.; Kolotov, D; - Stellar flare oscillations, MNRAS, 2018
  • Srivastava, A.K; Shetye, J.; Murawski, K.; Doyle, J.G.; Stangalini, M.; Scullion, E.; Ray, T.; Dwivedi, B.N.; Wojcik, D.P.; High-frequency Torsional Waves as an Energy Reservoir for Coronal Heating, Nature Scientific Reports,7:43147, 2017
  • Shetye, J.; Doyle, J. G.; Scullion, E.; Nelson, C. J.; Kuridze, D.; Henriques, V.; Woeger, F.; Ray, T. High-cadence observations of spicular-type events on the Sun., 2016, A&A, 589, A3
  • Shetye, Juie; Tripathi, Durgesh; Dikpati, Mausumi Observations and Modeling of North-South Asymmetries Using a Flux Transport Dynamo, 2015, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 799, Issue 2, article id. 220, 11 pp.
  • Madjarska, M. S.; Doyle, J. G.; Shetye, J. A coronal wave and an asymmetric eruptive filament in SUMER, CDS, EIT, and TRACE co-observations. 2015, A&A, Volume 575, id.A39, 10 pp.

Conference :

  • Shetye, J.; Doyle, J.G.; Scullion, E.; Nelson, C.J.; Kuridze, D.; High cadence observations and analysis of spicular-type events using CRISP onboard SST. CSPM Proceedings

In prep / under review :

  • Shetye, J.; Verwichte, E.; et al; Chromospheric swirls APJ under review.
  • Shetye, J.; Verwichte, E.; et al.; Phase relations of high-frequency waves in spicule-type events, APJ in prep.

Scientific Talks :

  • INAF, Rome, Nov 2018
  • DAMTP seminar, Cambridge University, Feb 2018
  • NSO colloquiim, Boulder, Colorado, Oct 2017
  • NAM 2017, University of Hull, Observations of high-frequency waves in the spicules
  • April 20 - 21 2017, UKMHD 2017, Durham University, Observations of high-frequency waves in the spicules- a solution to the coronal heating paradigm
  • May 31 - June 1 2016, Solar physics division meeting (SPD), Colorado, Boulder on High Cadence Observations and Analysis of Spicular-Type Events Using CRISP Onboard SST.
  • Thu 7 Apr 2016 at DKIST Community meeting, RAS, London on High Cadence Observations of Spicular-Type events and wave-signatures associated with them.
  • Tue 26 Oct 2015 at IRIS5 Workshop, Pune, India on High Cadence Observations and Analysis of Spicular-Type Events Using CRISP Onboard SST. o Thu 7 Apr 2016 at DKIST Community meeting, RAS, London
  • Thu 27 Aug 2015 at Irish National Astronomy Meeting 2015, Queen's University Belfast on Analysis of Apparent Ultra-Fast Spicules Using High-Resolution Ground-Based Data
  • Mon 2 Feb 2015 at 2nd Solarnet Meeting - Solar and Stellar Magnetic Activity, Palermo, Italy on Observations and Modelling of North-South Asymmetries Using Flux Transport Dynamo

Observing Campaigns as PI :

  • At Goode Solar Telescope, Big Bear City - May 2019
  • At Goode Solar Telescope, Big Bear City - June 2018
  • At Goode Solar Telescope, Big Bear City - Oct 2016

What I do outside work?

I've started swimming for Coventry Masters swimming club in 2018 and aim to represent India in 50,100 & 200 Breast Stroke World Championships either in 2019 or 2020.

I also paint abstract landscapes in acrylic and water colours, often on weekends. In my free time, I am organising my art portfolios.


Contact Details :

email :

Address: Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics, Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry.

Office location : PS 1.25