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Juie Shetye

Background : Before starting my career in research, I participated in Triathlon and swimming competition at State, National and International level, with a podium finish at Lombok International Triathlon 2009. Since then I focussed on pure physics with degrees (BSc and MSc) in Physics from University of Mumbai. During one of our public talks at open astronomy nights, I came across scientists who amazed me and this started my journey in research. I decided to pursue another Masters at University College London (UCL) in Space sciences with a project in Solar Physics. I was then awarded a visiting student position at IUCAA, Pune for 4 months under Prof. Durgesh Tripathi, during which I worked on solar cycle variations with dynamo simulation with Dr. Mausumi Dikpati. This project resulted in my first publication. I joined a PhD course at Armagh Observatory under Prof Gerry Doyle to investigate effect of small scale events in the solar atmosphere. My reason to join the topic was to work on state-of-the-art ground based data.

My PhD research was covered by British Council in the article : Zooming on the Sun.

I believe in taking science to public via unique means, check space grounds (space grounds) and my science-themed paintings (abstract physics).

I am actively involved in spreading awareness about climate change and global warming. With this in mind I've teamed up with local Kenilworth residents to develop and maintain green spaces in Kenilworth (Kenilworth_Station).

Research Interests : My main research interest deal with connecting lower solar atmospheric layers to corona.

1.) Spicules - Formation and role in the chromospheric-coronal mass cycle - Theory and observations

2.) Chromospheric swirls - Relation to MHD waves and oscillations - Theory and observations

3.) MHD waves and oscillations in other atmospheric phenomena

Education :

  • PhD Physics, Queen's University Belfast, 2017

Thesis: High-resolution observations of thesolar atmosphere

Thesis supervisor: Prof Gerry Doyle

  • MSc Space Science, UCL 2012
    • Thesis Topic : Finding the cause of unusually deep solar minimum.
  • MSc Physics, University of Mumbai, 2010
    • Year 1 : Comparing programmable ICs (PICs) as counters for efficiency and performance.
    • Year 2 : Building a 3D LED cube that represented solid-state lattice structures. The PIC used here was 16F877A.
  • BSc Physics, University of Mumbai, 2008

Teaching Experience :

  • Before PhD
    • Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), India : Feb - June 2011 : Working in Physics education (experimentation)
    • Tutor at Gurukul Academy, India : June 2010- July 2011 : Teaching Maths and Physics modules to A-level and Undergraduate students.
  • During and after PhD
    • Nuffield Project students and URSS summer students.

Selected Publications :

  • Multiwavelength High-resolution Observations of Chromospheric Swirls in the Quiet Sun - Shetye, J., Verwichte E., et al. APJ,881,1 2019.
  • “Signatures of quiet Sun reconnection events in Ca II, H alpha, and Fe I” - Shetye, J., Shelyag, S., Reid, A.L., et al., MNRAS, 479, 3274, 2018
  • “Stellar flare oscillations: evidence for oscillatory reconnection and evolution of MHD modes” -Doyle, J.G., Shetye, J., Antonova, A.E., et al., MNRAS, 475, 2842, 2018. Cited : 8
  • “High-frequency torsional Alfven waves as an energy source for coronal heating”-Srivastava, A.K; Shetye, J.; Murawski, K.; Doyle, J.G.; Stangalini, M.; Scullion, E.; Ray, T.; Dwivedi, B.N.; Wojcik, D.P., NATURE SR, 2017. Cited 13
  • High Cadence Observations and Analysis of Spicular-type Events Using CRISP Onboard SST - Shetye, J.; Doyle, J.G.; Scullion, E.; Nelson,C.J.; Kuridze,D.; CSPM Proceedings, 2016
  • High cadence observations and analysis of spicular-type events using CRISP onboard SST. CSPM Proceedings - Shetye, J.; Doyle, J.G.; Scullion, E.; Nelson, C.J.; Kuridze, D.;
  • “High-cadence observations of spicular-type events on the Sun” - Shetye, J.; Doyle, J. G.; Scullion, E.; Nelson, C. J.; Kuridze, D.; Henriques, V.; Woeger, F.; Ray, T., A&A, 589, A3, 2016. Cited : 7
  • “Observations and modelling of north-south asymmetries using a flux transport dynamo” - Shetye, Juie; Tripathi, Durgesh; Dikpati, Mausumi, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 799, Issue 2, article id. 220, 11 pp., 2015. Cited 21.
  • “A coronal wave and an asymmetric eruptive filament in SUMER, CDS, EIT, and TRACE coobservations”- Madjarska, M. S.; Doyle, J. G.; Shetye, J., A&A, Volume 575, id.A39, 10 pp, 2015
  • Magnet - solenoid interaction-Pathare S.P.; Lahane R.H.; Sawant S.S.; Shetye, J.P, Physics education, 2012/10

In prep / under review :

  • Shetye, J.; Verwichte, E.; et al; Chromospheric swirls APJ under review.
  • Shetye, J.; Verwichte, E.; et al.; Phase relations of high-frequency waves in spicule-type events, APJ in prep.

Scientific Talks :

  • INAF, Rome, Nov 2018
  • DAMTP seminar, Cambridge University, Feb 2018
  • NSO colloquiim, Boulder, Colorado, Oct 2017
  • NAM 2017, University of Hull, Observations of high-frequency waves in the spicules
  • April 20 - 21 2017, UKMHD 2017, Durham University, Observations of high-frequency waves in the spicules- a solution to the coronal heating paradigm
  • May 31 - June 1 2016, Solar physics division meeting (SPD), Colorado, Boulder on High Cadence Observations and Analysis of Spicular-Type Events Using CRISP Onboard SST.
  • Thu 7 Apr 2016 at DKIST Community meeting, RAS, London on High Cadence Observations of Spicular-Type events and wave-signatures associated with them.
  • Tue 26 Oct 2015 at IRIS5 Workshop, Pune, India on High Cadence Observations and Analysis of Spicular-Type Events Using CRISP Onboard SST. o Thu 7 Apr 2016 at DKIST Community meeting, RAS, London
  • Thu 27 Aug 2015 at Irish National Astronomy Meeting 2015, Queen's University Belfast on Analysis of Apparent Ultra-Fast Spicules Using High-Resolution Ground-Based Data
  • Mon 2 Feb 2015 at 2nd Solarnet Meeting - Solar and Stellar Magnetic Activity, Palermo, Italy on Observations and Modelling of North-South Asymmetries Using Flux Transport Dynamo

Observing Campaigns as PI :

  • At Swedish Solar Telescope with UK consortium June 2019.
  • At Goode Solar Telescope, Big Bear City - May 2019
  • At Goode Solar Telescope, Big Bear City - June 2018
  • At Goode Solar Telescope, Big Bear City - Oct 2016

What I do outside work?

I've started swimming for Coventry Masters swimming club in 2018 and aim to represent India in 50,100 & 200 Breast Stroke World Championships either in 2019 or 2020.

I also paint abstract landscapes in acrylic and water colours, often on weekends. In my free time, I am organising my art portfolios.

Contact Details :

email :

Address: Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics, Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry.

Office location : PS 1.25