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CFSA Outreach

Space-grounds portrays a new way for people to learn and know aspects of universe and space. We use simple playground games involving activities like running, walking, skipping, jumping and so on, and combine it with knowledge filled journey through space. Space-grounds aims to give the participant an idea about size, scale and distances in the Universe. The games further explore an interactive way to explain plasma physics, astrophysics, relativity and solar system dynamics to the general population.

The games designed at the moment are :

1.) Space-run: A set of outdoor activities starting from the Sun and ending in the Universe.

2.) Space hopscotch: This is essentially an indoor activity and printed on a mat. You start at the Sun and explore the solar system by hopping around.

3.) Wormholes and Novae: A modified version of snakes and ladders to incorporate the idea of time travel and movement through space. Again an indoor activity and printed on a mat.

4.) Sun to Earth: Explore the journey of a photon from the centre of the Sun to the Earth.

For school visits, we use a portable version of the games.

Space Run PlanetsIndoor Installation of Space-run

Space Run with Cudly planets