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Module 1: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Hardware

Module Convenor:

Mark Newton
Andy Howes

Aims and objectives

To give the postgraduate student developing new techniques and instrumentation in EPR, NMR and MRI a general understanding of the technologies used in modern magnetic resonance spectrometers. The range of hardware covered includes magnets, coils and shims, field stabilization techniques, spectrometer transmitter and receiver systems and microwave-radio-frequency probes.


The face to face lectures (4 hours) and seminar (2 hours) will be given at the Kick-Off Training Workshop and these will be followed up with a seminars (2 hours) and a workshops (2 hours) given over the access grid. The outline syllabus is given below.

Overview of MRI system, magnets: types and technology, shim systems, gradient systems, magnetic field design and optimisation, limits to performance, electromagnets, spectrometer systems, transmit chain, modulation (amplitude, phase, frequency), RF and µW power amplifiers, microwave components, receive units, signal processing, signals and noise, electronics refresher and RF basics, tuning and matching of MR probes, simple MR probes, specialist RF probes, magic angle + double rotation, multi-element receivers, multi-transmit and EPR probes + cavities




Successful completion of the module contributes 3 credits (30 hours student effort)

Course Material

Magnetic Resonance Hardware Handout