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Module 4: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance

Module Convenor: Dr Walter Köckenberger and Dr David Keeble

Aims and objectives

To give students a first overview of the different spectroscopy techniques that are based on magnetic resonance.

To introduce students to the wide range of applications in which these techniques are used.


The face-to-face lectures and tutorials (4.5 hours) will be given at the Kick-Off Training Workshop. The outline syllabus is as follows:

Liquid state NMR spectroscopy, solid state NMR spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, analysis of chemical composition using NMR, introduction to structure determination using MR techniques, mobility and diffusion measurements using NMR and EPR, molecular dynamics and MR spectroscopy, NMR in material science and small portable NMR sensors




Successful completion of the module contributes 3 credits (30 hours student effort)

Course Material: