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Piers Mathias

I graduated from the Univeristy of Bath in 2010 with a MChem in Chemistry. I am currently in the Solid State NMR group at the Univeristy of Warwick undertaking a PhD.

Crystalline solids with a high Li-ion conductivity but a vanishing electronic conductivity are of great importance in current developments of new chemically resistant electrolytes. Such materials are urgently needed in the field of clean and safe energy storage systems such as powerful supercapacitors as well as advanced high-energy density lithium-ion batteries. [Kuhn et al,Physical Review B, 83, 094302-1, 2011]. My research focuses on lithium diffusion in batteries and garnets; and onlithum containing glasses.

[Supervisor: Dr. John Hanna. Funding: EPSRC and Johnson Matthey]

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Piers Matthias


Department of Physics
University of Warwick

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Office: F16
Telephone: +44 (0)24761 50811