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X-ray Booking Requests

Please use the links on the left to send a booking request for the X-ray diffraction experiment that you require. The usage schedule for the X-ray diffractometers is decided at a booking meeting on a Friday (for the following week). Therefore, the deadline for booking requests is at 12am Thursday evening for experiments in the following week.

Typically, time on the X-ray diffractometers is oversubscribed and as different experiments demand different time allocations, a completely automatic booking system is difficult to implement. To circumvent long delays in obtaning time, we may schedule your experiment on a different instrument, providing there is no loss of data quality in so-doing. It is, therefore, very important that you give us as much information as possible about your sample and your requirements from the data e.g. for powder diffraction:

  • Is it just phase-identification?
  • Is your sample likely to be amorphous?
  • Does it require non-ambient condition?
  • Do you want to do Rietveld refinement to establish structure in detail?