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National Electron Diffraction Facility for Nanomaterial Structural studies

Electron Diffractometer

Electron Diffraction is bringing a step change to crystallographic structure determination, primarily through the ability to study crystals a whole magnitude smaller than current X-ray instrumentation (nanocrystals in the range of <1┬Ám). The Rigaku Oxford Diffraction Synergy-ED at Warwick is the first in the UK, managed by a dedicated Research Technical Professional, Dr Jere Tidey, to bring dedicated high throughput capability to both academia and industry.

The instrument is part of an EPSRC Strategic Equipment grant (a National Electron Diffraction Facility for Nanomaterial Structural Studies (EP/X014606/1Link opens in a new window) in conjunction with Southampton University and the National Crystallography Service (NCS) in partnership with Rigaku. The facility provides electron diffraction services, not only enabling X-ray users to examine much smaller specimens but also opening up new opportunities for structure determination in fields such as zeolites, pharmaceuticals, supramolecular chemistry, MOFs, condensed matter physics and many others.

Local users please contact either Jere or the X-ray Diffraction RTP. Facility Manager. For external academic users please see the dedicated NEDFLink opens in a new window website for more information on how to submit an application to access our facilities.

If you wish to use the instrument on a commercial basis, please do contact us for more details.

The Rigaku Oxford Diffraction Synergy-ED for structural solution from nanocrystals.