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X-ray Diffraction Training

Training is offered to frequent users of the X-ray diffraction facility. Initial training sessions are a great first step in learning to use the X-ray equipment, whilst continued practice and follow up sessions are vital to ensure users can confidently use the instruments and produce great results.

The training consists of an induction to the X-ray laboratories, including the chemical preparation laboratory (MAS 3.12); general (Ionising radiation) X-ray safety applicable to all machines and training specific to the machine which you will use. Once trained and deemed competent, you will be given access to the booking system. Local rules, which you should read prior to training and must be followed when working in the X-ray facility can be found here.

To arrange training, please email the facility manager, For information on SAXS contact, our SAXS specialist. For organic small molecule structural solution contact It is best to have samples ready prior to training, as hands-on experience on real samples is usually preferable.