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Equipment Bookings

The following pages should be used to book time on the x-ray diffractometers which are house within the X-ray RTP.

equipment bookings
  • All independent users should have completed the safety talk and have sufficient training to use the diffractometers unaided. You must follow the local rules at all times.
  • You are welcome to book as much time as you need, but please only book time that you intend to use. Your host department is charged for all time that is booked on the X-ray instruments, regardless of whether it is actually used.
  • If you cancel a booking, please inform the Facility Manager ( so that the time can be offered to someone else. This helps minimise wasted diffractometer time, especially during busy periods, e.g. the Autumn Term.
  • For operational reasons, bookings are subject to alteration and amendment. The facility manager, or other RTP staff, will usually provide notice. However, this is not always possible.

The powder diffraction x-ray diffactometers can be booked here. There are five machines, the two Panalytical Emprean's ("Brida" & "Iona"), the Panalytical X'Pert Pro MPD ("Gwyneth"), the Bruker D5000 ("Briony") and Bruker D8 ("Derwyn").

The Rigaku Oxford Diffraction Supernova ("Clara") and Gemini R CCD x-ray diffactometer can be booked here. For assistance please contact the Facility Manager.

The high resolution x-ray diffractometers can be booked here. There are two machines, both Panalytical X'Pert Pro MRDs. The newer one is known as "Ericka", the older one "Merideth".

For use of the SAXS instrument, please contact Steve Huband ( For XRF usage, please contact David Walker (