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LHCb and other B Physics


We joined the LHCb experiment at CERN on 27th November 2008 and since then have become one of the most active groups in the experiment.


We have been collaborators in the BaBar B physics experiment since the Warwick EPP group was founded in 2004. More details can be found by clicking on the picture or on the heading above.


We have a small involvement in the CLEOc experiment. Our interest is in making measurements of properties of CP-tagged D mesons that will enhance the sensitivity of current and future B physics experiments to the Unitarity Triangle angle gamma.


Members of the group have published some phenomenology papers, including

  • Effect of direct CP violation in charm on gamma extraction from B->DK, D->K0Spi+pi- Dalitz plot analysis, arXiv:1303.6305 (Anton Poluektov)

  • Formulae for the Analysis of the Flavor-Tagged Decay B^0_s --> Jpsi phi, arXiv:1008.4283 (Michal Kreps)
  • ΔΓd: A Forgotten Null Test of the Standard Model, arXiv:1007.5135 (Tim Gershon)
  • Charm mixing in the model-independent analysis of correlated D^0 D^0-bar decays, arXiv:1004.2350 (Anton Poluektov)
  • Double Dalitz Plot Analysis of the Decay B0 ---> DK+ pi-, D ---> K0(S) pi+ pi-, arXiv:0910.5437 (Tim Gershon and Anton Poluektov)
  • Prospects for the Measurement of the Unitarity Triangle Angle gamma from B0 ---> DK+ pi- Decays, arXiv:0909.1495 (Tim Gershon)
  • On the Measurement of the Unitarity Triangle Angle γ from B0→ DK*0 Decays, arXiv:0810.2706 (Tim Gershon)
  • A Method to Measure cos(2beta) Using Time-Dependent Dalitz Plot Analysis of B0 ---> D(CP) pi+ pi-, arXiv:0809.0872 (Tim Gershon & Tom Latham)