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Academics: Dr Xianguo Lu

Students: Qiyu Yan

Completion of the construction of Stainless-Steel Tank, or SST, June 2022

JUNO, or Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory, is a next-generation neutrino experiment under construction in China. Using 20 kilotons of liquid scintillators, its primary goal is to detect neutrinos from nuclear power plants and determine the neutrino mass ordering. As an observatory that will operate for the next few decades, it will also study interesting phenomena involving neutrinos from various natural sources.

Reactor electron antineutrinos oscillate into muon and tau antineutrinos as they travel. Illustration: VISOS

JUNO Neutrino Interaction, a.k.a. GANYMEDE, Working Group

The understanding of GeV-neutrino interactions inside the JUNO detector relies on the modelling of nuclear medium effects. These effects are crucial ingredients not only for the neutrino mass ordering measurement using atmospheric neutrinos but also for the searches for rare phenomena like nucleon decays and diffuse supernova neutrinos. The Gev v-A high-eNergY MEDium Effect (GANYMEDE) Working Group aims to study neutrino interactions in the few-GeV regime in JUNO and is actively pursuing a better understanding of the relevant systematic effects. (☛ The real Ganymede / 木卫三)

The JUNO group in the UK was first established in Warwick in 2021. We are a founding member of the JUNO GANYMEDE Working Group.

JUNO house-made songs
New Year 2022

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