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T2K Resources



A selection of posters which we use for public open days. Some relate to T2K while others are of general relevance to Particle Physics.

T2K Overview: poster_openday.pdf

Big Questions in Particle Physics: poster_big_questions.pdf

Particle Physics it Matters: poster_it_matters.pdf

P0D ECal Construction

A montage of photographs from Warwick's construction of the six P0D ECal detectors for the T2K near detector.

Construction montage: poster_construction.pdf


SLAC Summer Institute (SSI) 2010 - California, USA

The SLAC Summer Institute is an annual 10 day summer school for PhD students in Particle Physics. The timetable includes topical seminars which included a talk on T2K given by Warwick's Dr Phill Litchfield.
Slides: talk_litchfield_ssi10.pdf.

New Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors (NNN) 2009 - Colorado, USA

Warwick's Dr Gary Barker represented the T2K collaboration at the international NNN conference held in Colorado, USA. The conference features talks on next-generation neutrino detectors.
Slides: talk_barker_nnn09.pdf.

Weak Interaction and Neutrinos (WIN) 2009 - Gran Sasso, Italy

Dr Steve Boyd was selected to present a talk on T2K cross-section measurements at the WIN neutrino interactions conference.
Slides: talk_boyd_win09.pdf.

Photon Detectors (PD) 2009 - Matsumoto, Japan

The International Workshop on New Photon Detectors 2009 featured a talk by Martin Haigh on the simulation of photosensors used in T2K's near-detector.
Slides: talk_haigh_pd09.pdf.


Offical Pages

The T2K Experiment - Public homepage of the T2K experiment. Lots of useful information for both physicists and a general audience.

J-PARC - Built on the Eastern coast of Japan at Tokai, J-PARC is a brand new accelerator complex which, amongst other things, produced the neutrino beamline for T2K.

Super-Kamiokande - The far detector of the T2K experiment, "Super-K" is a water cherenkov detector 300km west of J-PARC.

STFC - The Science and Technology Facilities Council is the UK's funding agency for particle physics research and funds both the Warwick EPP group and the UK's involvement in T2K.

KEK Feature Articles

Art of mapping 3D neutrino trajectories - The time projection chambers (TPCs) are important components of the near detector at the Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) neutrino experiment. They are designed to identify the types of particles passing through the detectors and measure their momenta. The T2K TPCs are a new
design, the product of innovative ideas from Europe and Canada.

Nailing down the photon detector - The world's first large-scale implementation of new innovative photon detector is underway at T2K, the Tokai-to-Kamioka second generation long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. In this article, we tell the story of how it came to be and what it will achieve.

Guiding and monitroing the first T2K beams - Schematic plan view of the T2K beamline. This week's story features researchers working at primary beamline (green). Read about target station (blue), decay volume (red), beam dump (yellow), and neutrino detectors (orange) in the upcoming issues. With the first successful beam commissioning on April 23 this year, T2K's beamline and detectors are making their way to completion...


David Gregory - Blog of the BBC reporter who covered Warwick's detector construction


BBC Midlands Today - Update of T2K Results

BBC Midlands today reporter David Gregory reports on the tantalising results taken by T2K before the great Japanese earthquake.

BBC Midlands Today - In Japan

BBC Midlands today reporter David Gregory reported from Japan where the Warwick-built detectors were being installed

The video was accompanied by an article on BBC News, radio reports and a second TV feature on funding cuts in the UK.

Warwick Podcast Special

To coincide with our completion of the first detector ever built by the Warwick EPP group (the P0D Ecal Left module), Warwick Communications Office filmed a podcast featuring the T2K experiment. Thanks to Lesley Scrine who produced this!

This video is also available on the original Warwick Special Podcast Series page.

BBC Midlands Today - At Warwick

Completion of the first P0D ECal detector module was also covered on the BBC Midlands Today programme of Sunday 12th December 2009. Reporter David Gregory visited the group to report on how the new detector would contribute to the T2K experiment.

This video is also available on YouTube.

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