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Cognitive Psychology

How do racial stereotypes affect visual processing?

Police officers and undergraduate students were primed with crime-related images, then showed images of Black and White faces. Both police officers and undergraduate students focused more on the Black faces when primed with crime images. When police officers were primed with crime images and then shown a Black or White suspect, the Black suspect’s face was misremembered out of a police line-up for someone with stereotypically Black facial features. White suspects were not mistaken for those with stereotypically White facial features, but instead were misremembered for a Black suspect with stereotypically Black facial features.

Eberhardt et al., (2004), Seeing Black: Race, crime, and visual processingLink opens in a new window 

Video: 2014 MacArthur FellowLink opens in a new window

Video: Policing Racial Bias - Part 1 of 4Link opens in a new window