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Guest Seminar: "The Self in Self-Harm: Self-perception as a mechanism driving self-harm" Dr Peter Taylor, University of Manchester

Location: H1.48 Humanities Annex

Title: The Self in Self-Harm: Self-perception as a mechanism driving self-harm

Abstract: Self-harm is a highly prevalent health problem associated with an increased risk of suicide as well as greater distress and impaired well-being more generally. A challenge for interventions aimed at preventing self-harm is the heterogeneity in from and functions of self-harm that often exists. Some common psychological processes may exist, though, which could be an important target for therapies. The way in which individuals perceive and relate to themselves and others appears to be one important process related to self-harm. This presentation will review a series of studies examining the role of self-perception in self-harm. I will begin by discussing recent meta-analyses relating to the functions of self-harm and the relationship of self-esteem with self-harm. Next, I will review more recent research focusing on how different forms of self-perception may be related to self-harm. Lastly, I will discuss implication for intervention, and current ongoing work in this area.

Peter Taylor 21-2-19

Dr Peter Taylor, Clinical Lecturer, University of Manchester

Host: Dr Nicole Tang

3.30pm Refreshments in Common Roon

4pm Talk

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