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Language and Learning Group Seminar: "Vocabulary and grammar: their relationship and their role in predicting comprehension in bilingual children", Alessandra Valentini, University of Surrey

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Location: Online - TEAMS link here

Alessandra Valentini from the University of Surrey will be giving a talk titled Vocabulary and grammar: their relationship and their role in predicting comprehension in bilingual children (abstract below).


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Strong correlations between vocabulary and grammar are well attested in language development in monolingual and bilingual children. Research on monolingual children has also shown that listening and reading comprehension are predicted by a range of language and cognitive skills, including vocabulary and language abilities; but less is known about predictors of listening and reading comprehension in bilingual children and about the role of language input. In this talk I will present longitudinal data collected from a sample of 100 bilingual children between the ages of 5;8 and 6;8, tested on a range of language and cognitive skills. These data allow us to explore the directionality of the relationship between vocabulary and grammar in bilingual children. With this data we also explore the predictors of comprehension in bilingual children, showing the particular importance of vocabulary depth and morphological knowledge in predicting bilinguals' language comprehension.


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Alessandra Valentini


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Bilingolab: How Bilingual Children Learn Language 

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