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Internal Seminar: Presenting 2 projects on Satisfaction and Weighting ratings: Dr Neel Ocean (faculty WMG)

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Location: Teams

Hosted by Mikhail Spektor

I am happy to announce the final internal seminar of this term, on November 30, 12:00-13:00 on Microsoft Teams (link below). Neel Ocean (WMG) will present two of his projects to give our department an overview of his research (abstracts below). I am sure these topics will interest many of you and hope to see you there!


Abstract 1: Satisfaction / attrition in the UK healthcare sector over the past decade


Previous research has highlighted poor working conditions in the NHS. However, it has not been established whether conditions have deteriorated over time, particularly relative to people in other industries. We analysed data from both the NHS monthly workforce statistics, and from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) to investigate whether conditions in the NHS appear to have deteriorated over the past decade. Results suggest that work-life balance has gotten worse over time in the NHS, even more so than in other industries.



Abstract 2: Weighting ratings: are people adjusting for bias in extreme reviews?


Are consumers adjusting the numerical rating of online reviews to account for fake or biased reviews? Two experiments tested treatments that manipulated how extreme ratings (1-star and 5-star) were presented. On average, reducing or flagging extreme ratings whilst preserving the mean rating does not affect perceived product quality. People appear to apply different weights to ratings of different scores, and the estimated weighting profile is asymmetrically hump-shaped.

Teams link circulated via calendar invitation.

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