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Webinar: Service access disparities for autistic children with and without epilepsy

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Location: Europe

Upcoming AIMS-2-TRIALS webinar entitled “Service access disparities for autistic children with and without epilepsy in Europe”. More information and registration in the email below.


The webinar will take place on Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 6:00 pm (UK time).

Join us for the AIMS-2-TRIALS Webinar Series!


Listen to our leading researchers discuss important topics in autism research
Our webinars are designed to educate and engage the public on current autism research and give you a chance to ask questions of our researchers.

Service Access Disparities for Autistic Children with and without Epilepsy in Europe 
This presentation will be led by Dr Maria Andreina Mendez, MD MSc PhD from Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón (HGUGM) and Health Services of Madrid (SERMAS), Complutense University. She will present along with our Autism Representatives Pierre Violland and Roderik Plas. This talk will aim to summarize – as comprehensively as possible- the results from an autism care pathway analysis in Europe which was part of a Value of Treatment (VoT) project. The care pathway of autistic children with and without epilepsy was analyzed from a carer, autism community and professional perspective to identify service disparities preventing them from receiving information, support, timely screening/diagnosis of autism and associated epilepsy, intervention/follow up support, effective treatment of epilepsy and the underlying causes of these gaps. Lastly, the group will discuss their proposed recommendations to improve this pathway. The presentation will conclude with a Q&A with Andreina, Pierre, and Roderik.


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This work has received support from the EU/EFPIA/SFARI/Autistica/AUTISM SPEAKS Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (AIMS-2-TRIALS grant n° 777394). Any views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the funders. |

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