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Online Guest Speaker: "Search Strategies in Motor Behaviour: Exploring the Perceptual-Motor Workspace" Dr Matheus Maia Pacheco, University of Porto

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Location: Online - Teams

Speaker: Dr Matheus Maia Pacheco University of Porto

Title: Search Strategies in Motor Behaviour: Exploring the Perceptual-Motor Workspace

Host: Professor Thomas Hills

The abstract: 

“The process of motor learning naturally encompasses change. The natural question is how such a change takes place. Considering that motor learning must encompass the multiple levels of analysis (e.g., from muscle activation to joint motion and movement outcomes), the many degrees of freedom (e.g., muscles, joints, end-effector), and the observed divergence between individuals, I consider the view of motor learning as a process of search. This search process would occur in the spaces of perceptual-motor possibilities and task constraints. In this talk, I offer the theoretical background that supports the view and preliminary findings that support the formulation of a new theory for the area.”

Teams link circulated by email. For link email: Catherine Johnstone

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