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Dieter Wolke, Ph.D. Dr h.c. mult. Dipl-Psych (Professor)

Dieter Wolke

Highly Cited Research 2023


Professor (Department of Psychology and Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing (WMS))


Developmental pathways leading to developmental psychopathology, social and emotional development, biological at risk children (very preterm children), school and sibling bullying, infant regulatory problems (crying, feeding, sleeping) and parenting.

I am PI/Co-PI in a number of studies including EPICure, RECAP preterm, Bayerische Entwicklungsstudie and I am a member of the Centre for Early Life.

I currently have a full quota of PhDs and subsequently can't offer supervision for new PhDs. Please look to other academics who work in the Lifespan Health and Wellbing research group for potential supervisors.

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Representative Publications:

  • Baumann, N., Voit, F., Wolke, D., Trower, H., Bilgin, A., Kajantie, E., Räikkönen, K, Heinonen, K., Schnitzlein, D.D., Lemola, S (2024 online first). Preschool Mathematics and Literacy Skills and Educational Attainment in Adolescents Born Preterm and Full Term, The Journal of Pediatrics, 264 (113731).

  • Bilgin, A., Baumann, N., Jaekel, J., Breeman, L. D., Bartmann, P., Bäuml, J. G, Avram, M., Sorg, C., Wolke, D. (2020). Early Crying, Sleeping, and Feeding Problems and Trajectories of Attention Problems from Childhood to Adulthood. Child Development, Vol 91 (1), e77-e91.
  • Bilgin, A., & Wolke, D. (2020). Parental use of ‘cry it out’ in infants: no adverse effects on attachment and behavioural development at 18 months. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 61(11), 1184-1193. doi:
  • Dantchev, S., Wolke, D., & Zemp, M. (2023 online first). Child hyperactivity, mother–child negativity, and sibling dyad negativity: A transactional family systems approach. Journal of Family Psychology. 

  • Dantchev, S., Hickman, M., Heron, J., Zammit, S., & Wolke, D. (2019). The Independent and Cumulative Effects of Sibling and Peer Bullying in Childhood on Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation, and Self-Harm in Adulthood. Frontiers in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 10(651). doi:
  • Eyden, J., MacCallum, F., Bornstein, M. H., Broome, M., & Wolke, D. (2023 online first). Parenting knowledge and parenting self-efficacy of mothers with borderline personality disorder and depression: “I know what to do but think I am not doing it”. Development and Psychopathology, 1-12. 

  • Eves, R., Wolke, D., Spiegler, J., & Lemola, S. (2023). Association of Birth Weight Centiles and Gestational Age With Cognitive Performance at Age 5 Years. JAMA Network Open, 6(8), e2331815-e2331815.

  • Hedderich, D. M., Menegaux, A., Schmitz-Koep, B., Nuttall, R., Zimmermann, J., Schneider, S. C., Bauml, J. G., Daamen, M., Boecker, H., Wilke, M., Zimmer, C., Wolke, D., Bartmann, P., Sorg, C., Gaser, C. (2021). Increased Brain Age Gap Estimate (BrainAGE) in Young Adults After Premature Birth. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 13(158). doi:
  • Hollund, I. M. H., Aakvik, K. A. D., Benum, S. D., Ingvaldsen, S. H., Lydersen, S., Tikanmäki, M., Hovi, P., Räikkönen, K., Kajantie, E., Johnson, S., Marlow, N., Baumann, N., Wolke, D., Indredavik, M. S., & Evensen, K. A. I. (2023 online first). Mental health, pain and tiredness in adults born very preterm or with very low birthweight. Acta Paediatrica, n/a(n/a).

  • Lenneis, A., Das-Friebel, A., Tang, N. K. Y., Sanborn, A. N., Lemola, S., Singmann, H., Wolke, D., von Mühlenen, A., & Realo, A. (2023, August 3 online first). The Influence of Sleep on Subjective Well-Being: An Experience Sampling Study. Emotion. Advance online publication.

  • Ni, Y., O'Reilly, H., Johnson, S., Marlow, N., & Wolke, D. (2021 (online first)). Health-Related Quality of Life from Adolescence to Adulthood Following Extremely Preterm Birth. The Journal of Pediatrics. doi:
  • Liu, Y., Mendonça, M., Cannon, M., Jones, P. B., Lewis, G., Thompson, A., Wolke, D. (2020). Testing the Independent and Joint Contribution of Exposure to Neurodevelopmental Adversity and Childhood Trauma to Risk of Psychotic Experiences in Adulthood. Schizophrenia Bulletin. doi:
  • Menegaux, A., Meng, C., Bäuml, J. G., Berndt, M. T., Hedderich, D. M., Schmitz-Koep, B., Nuttall, R., Zimmermann, J., Daamen, M., Zimmer, C., Boecker, H., Bartmann, P., Wolke, D., Sorg, C. (2021 - online first). Aberrant cortico-thalamic structural connectivity in premature-born adults. Cortex. doi:
  • Schmitz-Koep, B., Menegaux, A., Zimmermann, J., Thalhammer, M., Neubauer, A., Wendt, J., Schinz, D., Daamen, M., Boecker, H., Zimmer, C., Priller, J., Wolke, D., Bartmann, P., Sorg, C., & Hedderich, D. M. (2023). Altered gray-to-white matter tissue contrast in preterm-born adults. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, 29(11), 3199-3211

  • Singh, S. P., Tuomainen, H., Bouliotis, G., Canaway, A., De Girolamo, G., Dieleman, G. C., Franić, T., Madan, J., Maras, A., McNicholas, F., Paul, M., Purper-Ouakil, D., Santosh, P., Schulze, U. M. E., Street, C., Tremmery, S., Verhulst, F. C., Wells, P., Wolke, D., & Warwick, J. (2023). Effect of managed transition on mental health outcomes for young people at the child–adult mental health service boundary: a randomised clinical trial. Psychol Med, 53(6), 2193-2204.

  • Wolke, D., Baumann, N., Jaekel, J., Pyhala, R., Heinonen, K., Raikkonen, K., Sorg, C., & Bilgin, A. (2023). The association of early regulatory problems with behavioral problems and cognitive functioning in adulthood: two cohorts in two countries. J Child Psychol Psychiatry, 64(6), 876-885. 

  • Wolke, D., Johnson, S., & Mendonça, M. (2019). The Life Course Consequences of Very Preterm Birth. Annual Review of Developmental Psychology - Volume 1, 1(1), 69-92. doi:


Supervisor to:

Yuyao Cheng (2nd Supervisor)
Elif Gönen
Miranda Wong
Xuan Zhao