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Friederike Schlaghecken, MA PhD DSc (Reader)

Friederike Schlaghecken



I'm interested in how our brains respond - and adjust - to our environment. I'm particularly interested in the automaticity of so-called 'control' processes, and in the control of so-called 'automatic' processes, in the links between perception and action, inhibitory motor control processes, early vision, and subliminal perception, and in individual differences and the lifespan development of these processes.

I welcome PhD applications in any of these areas - if you're interested, just get in touch!

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Representative Publications:

  • Yang, J., Singh, H., Hines, E. L., Schlaghecken, F., Iliescu, D. D., Leeson, M. S., & Stocks, N. G. (2012). Channel selection and classification of electroencephalogram signals: an artificial neural network and genetic algorithm-based approach. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 55, 117-126.
  • Schlaghecken, F., Birak, K. S., Maylor, E. A. (2012). Age-Related Deficits in Efficiency of Low-Level Lateral Inhibition. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 6, 00102.
  • Ng, J., Chan, H. Y., & Schlaghecken, F. (2012). Dissociating effects of subclinical anxiety and depression on cognitive control. Advances in Cognitive Psychology. 8, 38-49.
  • Schlaghecken, F., & Martini, P. (2012). Context, not conflict, drives cognitive control. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 38, 272-278

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Supervisor to:
Danyang Hu
Tarandeep Kang