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Friederike Schlaghecken - Personal Home Page



  • Interests:

I'm interested in how our brains respond - and adjust - to our environment. I'm particularly interested in the automaticity of so-called 'control' processes, and in the control of so-called 'automatic' processes, in the links between perception and action, inhibitory motor control processes, early vision, and subliminal perception, and in individual differences between and the lifespan development of these processes.

  • Profiles:

ORCID, Google Scholar, Scopus, Thomson-Reuter

  • PhD projects:
    • I welcome PhD applications in any of these areas - if you're interested, just get in touch!
    • For more information on postragduate study at Warwick, check out the Graduate School webpages.
    • For details on scholarships and PhD funding, click here.