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Third year project supervision (2016-2017)

General area of interest: Clinical and Health Psychology with a special interest in sleep, insomnia, pain, anxiety and depression.

The following questions serve to provide an example of the kind of research project that can be pursued under my supervision. Students are, however, strongly encouraged to come up with their own research ideas for discussion.

pain empathy1. Does sleep deprivation make people less sensitive to other people’s pain?

2._nap.jpeg2. Can a short nap reverse hyperalgesia induced by acute sleep deprivation?


3. What are the cognitive triggers and physiological correlates of mental defeat?


4. Does insomnia aggravate suicidal thoughts and behaviour?




Research approach: Can be qualitative or quantitative

Potential participants: Students of my lab has access to a pool of potential participants, who have given consent to be contacted for research projects. These participants may or may not have problems sleeping (e.g., insomnia or sleep apnea) and may or may not have chronic pain. If you have a research question highly specifically relevant to these conditions, you may utilise this participant pool if ethical approval is gained. Alternatively, you may also recruit your own participants through the university’s research participation system or conduct online survey using Qualtrics