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Research Facilities


As one of the UK’s top research departments, we have specialist facilities for cutting-edge research in Psychology.

Students can get a taste for research by using our facilities in their third-year projects, and through the highly competitive:

Psychology Research Skills Development Scheme (PRSDS)

or the University’s Undergraduate Research Support Scheme. 

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Sleep and Pain laboratory

Director Prof. Nicole Tang

The Warwick Sleep and Pain Laboratory is a research facility located at the Department of Psychology.

The lab is home to a group of researchers interested in the science and clinical aspects of sleep and pain, and more broadly, the general association between sleep and health.

Our research group has expertise in clinical psychology, health psychology, and nursing. The type of research we do is multidisciplinary in nature and we apply both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies

For further information on the people in this group, the research taking place, and news and events, visit The Sleep and Pain lab site.



Sleep lab sign

Personality traits related to being a morning or evening person at both the phenotypic and genetic level.

The relationship between personality, genes and chronotype (sleep patterns) has been studied by researchers at the University of Warwick and the University of Tartu, Estonia.


Sleep lab experiment with patient in bed
Students talking about research results around a table and computer
Research taking place where patient's head is measured