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Tue 13 Dec, '22 - Fri 16 Dec, '22
APTS 2022/23 Week 1--Warwick

Runs from Tuesday, December 13 to Friday, December 16.

Please note that this week commences on a Tuesday.

Statistical Inference (S Shaw)

Statistical Computing (D Wilkinson)

Mon 20 Mar, '23 - Fri 24 Mar, '23
APTS 2022/23 Week 2--Oxford

Runs from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24.

Registration opens in Sep 2022.

Statistical Modelling (H Ogden)

Applied Stochastics Processes (N Georgiou M Roberts)

Mon 10 Jul, '23 - Fri 14 Jul, '23
APTS 2022/23 Week 3--Durham

Runs from Monday, July 10 to Friday, July 14.

Registration opens in Sep 2022.

High Dimensional Statistics (Y Yu)

Computer Intensive Statistics (R Everitt)

Mon 14 Aug, '23 - Fri 18 Aug, '23
APTS 2022/23 Week 4--Glasgow

Runs from Monday, August 14 to Friday, August 18.

Registration opens in Sep 2022.

Causal Inference (V Didelez and R Evans)

Statistical Machine Learning (L Aslett)

Mon 11 Dec, '23 - Fri 15 Dec, '23
APTS 2023/24 Week 1--Warwick

Runs from Monday, December 11 to Friday, December 15.

For advance planning purposes.

Mon 8 Apr, '24 - Fri 12 Apr, '24
APTS 2023/24 Week 2--Nottingham

Runs from Monday, April 08 to Friday, April 12.

For advance planning purposes.

Mon 8 Jul, '24 - Fri 12 Jul, '24
APTS 2023/24 Week 3--Durham

Runs from Monday, July 08 to Friday, July 12.

For advance planning purposes.

Mon 9 Sep, '24 - Fri 13 Sep, '24
APTS 2023/24 Week 4--Oxford

Runs from Monday, September 09 to Friday, September 13.

For advance planning purposes.


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