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AEA, STEP and the Warwick Statistics Undergraduate Entrance Prizes (2013 entry)

Students planning on entering the Mathematics and Statistics or MORSE degree courses are strongly encouraged to take either AEA or STEP papers, in addition to their A-levels or other qualifications needed to meet our conditional offer.

Some reasons:

  • Mathematics at university is harder than mathematics at school. By preparing for and taking these examinations, you will put yourself in a better position to make a strong start to your degree course. We want to see all of our students succeed!
  • Getting practice in harder questions means that you should find the standard A-level questions easier, so you should also do better in that examination.

It is possible to take the AEA paper in Mathematics and up to two STEP papers.

Advanced Extension Award (AEA)

The Advanced Extension Award in Mathematics is a 3-hour examination paper on the pure mathematics syllabus of the single A level in Mathematics. It contains harder questions than those in the A level mathematics examination. The AEA paper in Mathematics is set by the Edexcel examination board on behalf of all the A-level examination boards. It should be available in all examination centres. Further details about the examination can be found at A specimen paper can also be downloaded from the above link.

Preparation for AEA

To help students prepare for the AEA in Mathematics, Warwick Statistics has prepared some extended solutions to past AEA papers.

Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP)

STEP, or Sixth Term Examination Papers, are usually required for admission to the University of Cambridge. STEP papers are set by Cambridge Assessment — see There are 3 papers: STEP I, STEP II and STEP III. STEP I is regarded as easier than STEP II, and STEP III requires knowledge of the Further Mathematics syllabus.

Preparation for STEP

The tab "Test Preparation" at the link above provides past papers with answers, and also downloadable booklets of past questions with detailed answers. It also has links to other web resources, an important one being the "Onward and Upward" section of the Ask NRICH "Ask a Mathematician" forum where questions on STEP problems can be submitted. If your school is unable to help you to enter for STEP, or if you are outside the UK, here is where you can find an examination centre for STEP.


The reasons given above should be enough to convince all of our undergraduate entrants to take either STEP or AEA before they come to Warwick! But as an added incentive, specifically in connection with STEP, Warwick Statistics will give a £2000 prize to each entrant (subject to the conditions below) who achieves a Grade S (Outstanding) in any of STEP I, STEP II or STEP III.

Conditions of these prizes
  1. This offer applies to all students who enter any of the degrees G0L0 MMORSE, GLN0 BSc MORSE, GGC3 MMathStat or GG13 BSc MathStat in October 2013. They must make the degree their firm choice with UCAS and remain registered on the degree throughout the academic year 2013-2014.
  2. The qualifying Grade S (Outstanding) must be achieved in a STEP examination taken in the summer of 2013.
  3. Only one award per student.
  4. In the event of there being more than 10 qualifying students in 2013, the amount of the prizes will be reduced. In that event, the total budget of £20,000 will be divided equally among all of the prize-winners. (This is simply to protect the departmental finances! Note that in every one of the last 10 years the number of students entering with Grade S (Outstanding) in STEP has been smaller than 10.)

MathStat and MORSE admissions: