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Welcome 2020!

Given the unusual circumstances this year, we would like to provide some inspiration for mathematics, statistics, and data science, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary and real-world applications. For two months, biweekly on Tuesdays, we added new packages with material for you to learn and explore. All resources we link are openly accessible at no cost. There are three categories:

  • Mathematical and statistical puzzles will increase your repertoire in problem solving techniques. Hints to the puzzles will be posted a week later and solutions two weeks later.
  • Resources for training can deepen your knowledge or lead you to something new. You can benefit from a rich landscape of online open source free resources. We will provide some starting points.
  • Data-driven research is something you can engage with already now, using some of the numerous openly accessible data repositories maintained by governments, universities, research institutes and citizen scientists. You can explore quantitative questions in many domains including epidemiology, ecology, molecular biology, economics, finance, demography, psychology, sport, music and more. We will introduce you to some data sets and encourage you to explore some questions.

In some of the packages below we will provide resources from which you can learn about the mathematics, statistics and data science techniques used to model and manage infectious disease outbreaks. Mathematical scientists all over the world play a central role in fighting the pandemic. Note also our page on Warwick research and activities about the Covid-19 outbreak.

If your younger siblings would also benefit from some educational material, check out Warwick's Online education resources for school children.