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FAQ for Second Year Students

Can I modify my module registration at the beginning of term 2? I am not yet sure about my module choices in term 2. I would like to actually go to the first lectures of some modules in term 2 and decide for sure after that. When exactly do I have to change the registrations?

Yes you can. More precisely, you can modify your registrations until the end of week 3. De-registration only possible if they comply with course regs and they have not yet completed 10% of assessment. Another de-registration is possible at the start of term 3. WBS modules need to be registered for/de-registered from both on the eMR and my.wbs. Please read Secion 4.1 in the course guides for the full story.

Do you have any advice on how to choose optional modules?

This is discussed in detail in the course guides in Section 2. In particularly, see 2.3.1 for some specific advice for second year MORSE and MMORSE students. Your choices now have an effect on which options you will have in your third year.

Who can help me with internship applications?

The university has a career service. We are lucky enough to have a specific person assigned to the Statistics Department. Please check out their website for contacts and events.

Can you give more details about the new module ST222? In particularly, I am wondering what the title means, what modules ii prepares for and how much game theory is covered (because I am taking EC220).

The emphasis is on decision making under uncertainty, both normative and descriptive theory. Concepts such subjective probabilities and utility will be introduced. The theory will be applied to modeling decision-making in real world examples. A short introduction to game theory is included, but to is kept at the about two weeks from the predecessor module ST114 to minimise overlap with EC220. These and other questions are now all addressed on the ST222 websites (general page and resource page) in more detail.

Can the prerequisites EC221 (15 CATS) be replaced by instead taking EC220 Mathematical Economics A (15 CATS) EC204 Economics 2 (30 CATS)? So, yes, I am already thinking ahead and consider my module choices for the third year when selecting my second year options.

It depends which third year module you are referring to. Some can be done using EC220's material (game theory) only; others may require EC221's (general equilibrium).