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Information for visiting students

As most of the Department’s teaching is concentrated between October and March it is recommended that students should be registered for the full academic year. Each module runs for ten weeks and there is scope for selection amongst the modules. An essential prerequisite for all modules is a first year university module in calculus. Advanced statistics modules are recommended as suitable only for students specialising in Mathematics or Statistics at university level.

For full details of the modules and current availability, please visit or email the Department on:

Statistical Laboratory, ST104, 12 CATS
(Weeks 1- 10, 20 lectures, 10 laboratories).
Part Year Students: A only.

Probability A and B
(Part A: weeks 11- 15, 15 lectures; Part B: weeks 16- 20, 15 lectures).
Note: Part B may not be taken without Part A.
Part Year Students: S/S only.

Games and Decisions, ST114, 7.5 CATS
(Weeks 11- 20, 20 lectures).
Part Year Students: S/S only.
Module No: ST114, 7.5 CATS
Prerequisites: ST111 & ST112

Stochastic Processes, ST202, 12 CATS
(Weeks 1- 10, 30 lectures).
Part Year Students: No
Module No: ST202, 12 CATS
Prerequisites: First year module in calculus and a knowledge of elementary probability.

Mathematical Statistics A, ST218, 12 CATS
(Weeks 1- 10, 30 lectures, 5 tutorials).
Part Year Students: No
Prerequisites: Calculus and elementary probability

Mathematical Statistics B ST219, 12 CATS
(Weeks 11- 20, 30 lectures).
Part Year Students: No
Prerequisites: ST218

Advanced Statistics Modules

A large number of modules on more advanced topics in probability and statistics are taught each year. Interested students are invited to e-mail the department:

You are recommended to visit the departmental website for full details of the module content and availability.