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Workshop on Evidence-based decision support for food security


15-17 April 2015


The overarching aim of the workshop is bring together food domain experts and modelling experts to inform and extend current food security research. To do this we plan to bring together two groups of people. The first include domain experts whose primary research activities lie in food research from production, supply to need and nutrition and practitioners who are responsible for policy enactment associated with a nation's food security. The second group of researchers are experts in the elicitation of domain judgments associated with large complex systems of which food production, supply and delivery is an example together with experts in the development of the efficient and effective decision support for such systems. The workshop will form part of a long term aim to build large scale decision support tools to support crisis management and policy design and their implementation associated with addressing food deprivation and alleviating food poverty in the light of various crises and political imperatives.


Professor Jim Q. Smith has been funded for 3 years by the UK government’s Engineering and Physical Sciences research Council, to develop methods for coherently combining probabilistic judgements of different panels of experts distributed over a network, conditions ensuring input evidence does not undermine the coherence of the system and minimally sufficient functions of evidence panels need to deliver in order that the system can be used to evaluate competing policy strategies. This is joint work with Professor Liz Dowler, Dr Rosemary Collier, Professor Ann Nicholson and Dr Eva Riccomagno.


  • Professor Martin Caraher
  • Professor Donald Cole
  • Dr Rosemary Collier
  • Dr Nicole Darmon
  • Mr Andy Davis
  • Dr Rob Deardon
  • Professor Elizabeth Dowler
  • Professor Angela Druckman
  • Professor Michael Escobar
  • Mr Jonathan Horsfield
  • Dr John Ingram
  • Professor Molly Jahn
  • Dr Chris Jewell
  • Dr Marc Kennedy
  • Dr Rachel Loopstra
  • Professor Kerrie Mengersen
  • Professor Ann Nicholson
  • Ms Caireen Roberts
  • Dr Jonty Rougier
  • Miss Rachel Wilkerson
  • Dr Danny Williamson


Dr Martine J. Barons, Statistics Department, Warwick University