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OPW - Orthogonal Polynomials, applications in Statistics and Stochastic Processes

CRiSM/P@W Workshop, Warwick, 12-15 July, 2010.


This workshop aims to bring together a wide variety of scientists that have made important contributions to the theory and applications of Orthogonal Polynomials, with the purpose of investigating the frontiers of the theory and the possibilities of its extension and further applicability in Statistics and Probability.
Topics that are aimed to be covered include (but are not limited to): Canonical correlation analysis for copulae; Hypergroups and Spectral analysis of discrete and continuous stochastic processes; Random Matrices and Random Covariance Functions.

The workshop will host 18 invited speakers and will be open to contributed talks and posters. We aim to provide support for career-young researchers willing to participate.


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Young Academic Awards

Travel and Visiting Info


Workshop organizers:

Persi Diaconis (Stanford)

Bob Griffiths (Oxford)

Dario Spano` (Warwick)*

Jon Warren (Warwick)

Nikos Zygouras (Warwick)




(Photo: courtesy of Edmund Lim)




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